May 20, 2016



Dear Member of the Canadian Parliament:

We are writing you on behalf of Organization of Victims of Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons to ask for your help for the many constituents in Canada who are being targeted unjustly or used as human subjects in experiments without their informed consent. We, and many others, are being TORTURED AND MUTILATED IN A MIND/BODY CONTROL CONCENTRATION CAMP 24/7. We wouldn’t be tortured and manipulated in a properly functioning legal system/society.

Victims of Psychotronic (or Mind/Body Control, Electronic, Directed Energy, Neurological, Non-lethal) weapons detail the most extreme and totalitarian violations of human rights in human history, including the most horrendous incidents of psychological torture, mental anguish and physical mutilations. Criminals may implant people with microchips or nanomaterials and place them under continuous surveillance, no matter where they are.  They monitor the human brain, including thoughts, reactions, motor commands, auditory events and visual images. They continuously alter consciousness, introduce voices, noises, commands, images, “dreams”, and other disturbances into the brain. They directly abuse, torture and assault our bodies – including performing advanced medical procedures from remote locations.

These are some of symptoms of targeted individuals:

 1). Voices in their heads and torture with intense, loud noise.

 2). Visual distortions and hallucinations, artificial dreams.

 3). Manipulation of will, emotions, feelings, and sensations.

 4). Manipulation of human behavior: forced speech, involuntary body movements, induced actions, transmission of specific commands into the subconscious, compulsory execution of these commands.

 5). Induced thoughts, reading thoughts remotely, retrieving memories, implanting personalities.

 6). Debilitation of mental acuity: inability to concentrate, disruption of ability to think rationally and independently.

 7). Loss of memory and knowledge.

 8). Inadequate states, which targeted individuals have never experienced before (states of narcotic intoxication, depression, obsessive desires and so on).

  9). Control of sleep patterns: sleep deprivation or uncontrollable sleep

10). Cramps, seizures and spasms

11). Excruciating artificial pain in any part of the body, including heart attacks and other serious medical conditions.

Some victims are subject to harassment and organized stalking in their communities, some victims receive intentional false psychiatric diagnoses and in addition become victims of the systems, from which they are seeking help (medical institutions and law enforcement).

We have contacted Parliament, Courts, RCMP, police, Security/Intelligence Agencies and other Government institutions over and over and over again, but have had our appeals for assistance and protection almost completely ignored or suppressed. The government “doing nothing” in this situation is a form of sanctioning these horrendous, fascist mind/body control experiments on innocent and defenseless people.  That is why the Canadian Government is responsible for these crimes. The government of Canada must uphold the rule of National, International and Human Rights Law and protect Canadian citizens by these laws. Instead we see the huge disconnect between its professed principles and values and the reality.

It is our responsibility to record and alert the world to these horrendous crimes and the extreme danger that these technologies pose to democracy, human rights, privacy, mental and physical freedom, and the health of all people. These are the most horrendous weapons and crimes imaginable, and the people, using them, are mass-murdering conspirators, pursuing fascist, totalitarian, fundamentalist schemes.

Doctor Joseph Mengele and other Nazis, who started developing these techniques in concentration camps during World War II, were brought over here from Europe after the war to continue their atrocities. MKULTRA was the first of these illegal and immoral experiments with unwilling victims.  We are the latest victims.  THIS MUST STOP, and the people responsible exposed and brought to justice for these unspeakable crimes against humanity.  We demand only that our human rights are respected, and that the Canadian Government appoints a Committee to get to the bottom of this most serious matter based upon the evidence collected, intercepted, and compiled by victims for many years. This gross violation of human rights must be investigated immediately.

Members of Organization of Victims of Psychotronic (Mind/Body Control) Weapons and Targeted Individuals:

  1. Galina Kurdina,, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  2. David Smith,, Gabriola Island, BC, Canada.
  3. Cecilia Mallon,, Massey, ON, Canada.
  4. Qijia Cheng,, Edmonton, AB, Canada.
  5. Nicole Delpeuch,, Laval, QC, Canada.
  6. Consuelo Golmar,, Vernon, BC, Canada.
  7. Jonathan Ross,, Port Moody, BC, Canada.
  8. Landry Nimpagaritse,, Gatineau, QC, Canada.
  9. Garry Hoedl,, Grande Prairie, AB, Canada.
  10. Cindy Munro,, Rodney, ON, Canada..
  11. Carol Canning,, Montreal, QC, Canada.
  12. Jerome Mitchell,, East York, ON, Canada.
  13. Matthew James Williamson,, Cambridge, ON, Canada.
  14. Omar El-hagg,, Kitchener, ON, Canada.
  15. Randy Steven Gauthier,, Timmins, ON, Canada.
  16. Alain Belair,, Laval, QC, Canada.
  17. Manan Paul,, Brampton, ON, Canada.
  18. Morteza Sheshpari,, Ottawa, ON, Canada.
  19. Igor Marochkin,, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  20. Daniel Roland,, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  21. Firas Faham,, Mississauga, ON, Canada.
  22. Zewdu Abdi Debele,, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  23. Julie Carlisle,, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.
  24. Mary Lamont,, Heriot Bay, BC, Canada.
  25. Abdellah Chrigui,, Montreal, QC, Canada.
  26. Jenolyn Smith,, Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
  27. Lucille Perreault,, Thompson, MB, Canada.
  28. Lee Denis,, White Rock, BC, Canada.
  29. Marie Joy Dyck,, Nanaimo, BC, Canada.
  30. Oury Bitton,, Montreal, QC, Canada.
  31. Rick Kowalchuk,, Edmonton, AB, Canada.
  32. Dina Pogosyan,, Hampstead, QC, Canada.
  33. Joshua Byer,, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  34. Cassandra Ferdinand,, Hamilton, ON, Canada.
  35. Elissa Park,, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada.
  36. Sherry Podolchuk,, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada.
  37. Derrick Robinson,, Hemet, CA, USA.
  38. Robert W. Baird,, New Orleans, LA, USA.
  39. Stefan Keith Howard,, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
  40. Fernando Sanchez,, Redwood City, CA, USA.
  41. Millicent Black, REVMIL29@MAIL.COM Columbia, TN, USA.
  42. Penny Guglielmini,, Elma, WA, USA.
  43. Leila Gutowski,, Richmond, VA, USA.
  44. Todd Bowen,, Blissfield, MI, USA.
  45. James Lico,, Algona, WA, USA.
  46. Baxter Aziz Bey, Sh.D,, New York, NY, USA.
  47. Molly E. Boso,, Indianapolis, IN, USA.
  48. Thomas J Allen,, Wilbraham, Ma, USA.
  49. John Finch,, Thornbury, Vic, Australia.
  50. Ornella Cameron,, London, UK.
  51. Wojciech Julian Bartocha,, Szczecin, Poland.
  52. Nermin Rafik Tawfik Mohamed-Salma,, Giza, Egypt.
  53. Bernard Weekes,, London, UK.
  54. Mohammed Azlaf,, Oujda, Morocco.
  55. Clement Raylen Kalipa,, Yeoville, Gauteng, South Africa.
  56. Dary Kary,, Singapore, Singapore.
  57. Sergei Volnosov,, g.Bezhetsk, Tverskaya oblast, Russia
  58. Andrew Bergwald,, Black Rock, Vic, Australia.
  59. Marisa Nogueira,, Porto Alegre – RS / Brazil.
  60. Abdellatif B. Hafnaoui Bouazizi,, Mzara – Sidi Bouzid – Tunisia.
  61. Vivek Nath Penmatsa,, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  62. Martyn Aim,, Wellington, New Zealand

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