September 5, 2016


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  • The TI scars are deep and visible, they are both physical and mental. They will forever witness against the brutality of the criminal animals dressed in human bodies. They will be remembered by our honorable citizens around the Globe and will be taught in Universities and Schools for the entire nations to throw crime masters in Jail and forever. No to Organised Gang Stalking – No to the brutal Nazi Regime.
    The TI Toronto community is dedicated to serving and protecting our citizens from those barbaric crimes against humanity. So help us GOD

  • Many honorable citizens today could be Targeted Individuals and not knowing it – please contact a trusted TI for support and guidance on the action needed to help you in anyway possible. We know how and what it feels and have been there for long. We know we are going to win. Crime masters are now aware of TI exposing their crimes – strength in number – join our TI team to liberate our country from those barbaric attacks.

  • So thankful, I am on the petition. Hve been lied, manipulated by so many. Still is happening by the perpetrators of church, state, military corruption. I was losing hope and I don’t want to be used any more by the insane medical industry or see another child, woman or man feel like I have. The micro chips can be taken out just as the ocular devices. I have both, some days I am so sick with pain in my head and eye, I do want to die. This is how the perpetrators attack us and force murder by suicide. I never feel safe, been set up in murder, assaulted, false arrests, false diagnosis, forced homeless, poverty by family and foe. Have wrote, phoned, emailed, went face to face with rcmp, mla’s, homeless shelter directors, and no one helped. And if they do there is an alterior motive behind it. Very sad that these corrupt human beings donot care for the life of a child, woman or man.
    I pray together we can end this, give life back, protect children, woman and men, from these evil perpetrators. Thank you,
    Love Robin

  • Lost my last comment before I could post. Are we doing this in vain, still being run by perpetrators using technology on us? Will justice truly come? Or will we die of sad hearts knowing our children, woman and men are being harmed? Cuz thats all I see with all this knowledge, another book, another vid, our children, woman and men being harmed, whored out, missing and murdered. Will we even live to see justice? So many women and men manipulating others with this knowledge, when does it end? I don’t know.

  • I read this today.

    Albert Camus ” my dear, in the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love, in the midst of chaos, I found there was within me an invincible calm. I realized through it allthat Iin the midst of winter, I found there was within me an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger, something better pushing right back”

    together, love

  • With every one micro chipped, ti’s turned perpetrators, ran by perpetrators of church, state, military, corruption, criminals. I keep trying to use the synthetic telepathy to bring the filthy perpetrators using us to death, from pedophiles, whore masters, killers, corrupt politicians, Dr, lawyers. This is so wrong and I do fear for our children, woman and men’s future.

    we need the proof I our hands and some who will stand with it. I offered to a couple of people, I would over dose and they could remove the chip and ocular device in my eye. Most are afraid of this truth. I am not. If we could find one dr., one lawyer, the filthy fucking perpetrators would go down, from the top down. Hey, imagine children, woman and men, truly free from this abuse, safe, healthy, protected.

    all the politicians must be chipped stupid, and greed, like church, military. If poverty ends we take children, woman and men away from the whore masters. I know some see this but with most micro chipped, being ran by perpetrators, tthey can’t think for them selves. Sad but true, no feelings for human life.


  • I am amazed at how long church, state, military corruption, genocide, criminals have gottenaway with tthis. Using children, woman and men, to death for profit. I am amazed how many are so insensitive to the thruth, to the life of a child. Does any one else find this odd? How we are ignored, murdered, and no one gives a fuck?
    I pray every filthy perpetrator, whore master, pedophiles, gang stalkers, those corrupt in church, state, military go down. Some deserve more than jail, they deserve a bullet to their heads for harming children, woman and men, to death. And the real shame this is world wide, created by criminals, the filth of the earth. Even the drs will have to face this evil one day, especially when it is their children being perpetrated upon, or themselves. Hmmmmm, it will happen to all these perps. I pray.

    be safe
    Love Robin

  • I pray the meeting goes well today. So tired of seeing men and women who are using targeted individuals to death, with out a thought of what they are really doing. They have nomore concern for their own children as any ones else. I find tthat very sad. Such a sad state of affairs when you speak the truth and those around you pretend they dont know, hey? Chipped stupid, gutless, greedy perpetrators with their own agenda for us all or so they think. I wish I was able to be at the meeti g today. I am in heart and mind. I will only stand with those that face this truth, not those trying to manipulate others with this knowledge. Hmmmm cuz it’s going to back fire on them. It’s not about control of others, it’sabout a evil design created by cchurch, state, military, corruption, genocide. Illegal medical experimentation is medical genocide, and those forcing us to live with this are just as evil as the perpetrators. Every one of us must be very careful, the thought suggestions, the guilt they try to perpetrating in us, fuck them. They knew this for years many and murdered many this way. They treat us like it’s a sick game, the evil fucks.
    Be safe

    Love Robin

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